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Rose Environmental | Raymond Rose, PhD

Raymond Rose, PhD

Raymond Rose brings environmental management experience and expertise from more than 30 years of consulting to business and industry, and to regulatory agencies.

Recent publications, presentations, and conference roles

Experience summary

Dr. Rose has managed and performed environmental software development, environmental investigations and analyses, environmental response and remediation, groundwater and stormwater analyses, expert witness testimony, environmental knowledge and information management, environmental cost analyses, and development of environmental guidance documents.

Before Rose Environmental

Prior to creating Rose Environmental, Dr. Rose directed environmental engineering services for the Virginia office of Espey, Huston & Associates, an Austin, Texas-based engineering company. There he built staff and capabilities for solving regulatory compliance and environmental performance problems for industrial clients. He went to Espey, Huston from the management consulting firm of Booz, Allen & Hamilton. As a Booz, Allen senior associate, he provided technical support to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s superfund and groundwater programs at its headquarters office in Washington, DC.

Education and teaching

His PhD is in environmental engineering from the University of Tennessee. He taught there briefly as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering before leaving to join private industry to consult to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge National Laboratory and DOE’s National Low-level Waste Management Program. He has an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Earlham College.
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